Sunday, May 2, 2010

i wish you never said that i was just a boy, cause now i know what it is to be destroyed.

Ghost Mall's EP "Goons" was given to me for free after I played a set. If I never make another dime through making music, that would be just fine by me.

The EP is hand-made on recycled paper and the songs are stamped on the box that unfolds. It contains five songs and they now are the most played songs in my iTunes.

I may be a little biased because it was my first show the night I saw them. I was coming down from the natural high of a room full of people approving me. Genuinely approving me. Not pity claps, but seriously liking what I was doing. That's when Pierce went to his table and pulled out a CD and handed it to me. Then the 3 Brained Robot did his always insane set. Then Ghost Mall set up. I had been talking to the guys all night and thought these four awesome guys must have some sort of talent. It'd be interesting at least.

The first song started and my best friend in the entire world looked at each other and nodded. So much was said in that nod. At a glance it was just "this band rocks" but it was obviously something deeper. Ghost Mall combines the best of both worlds: music that makes you want to jump around in a room full of people, and music that you connect to. Somehow these four awesome guys from New York created something that I'll never forget.

The next thing that I may be biased about is the fact that the music was literally brought to my door. Ghost Mall stayed at my house the next weekend. I had listened to that CD all week and was giddy. Really embarrassingly giddy. "Ghost Mall is staying at my house tee hee hee!". You don't just connect with the lyrics in these songs; you have the chance to connect with the people who wrote the lyrics. Directly from the source!

My best friend Bleeker (Austin Huet. But please call him Bleeker) feels the exact same way that I do about this band. I can sit here and tell you all of the lines that effect me and make me say "wow", but just listen to it yourself:

I think Ghost Mall may be my favorite band of all time.

I realize that is a huge thing to say based on five songs. It's like love. You question yourself about it for a while (do I really love them? That's such a big thing....). But at some point you say 'fuck it' and tell that person you love them.

Fuck it.

I love you, Ghost Mall.

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